Caregiver Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Caregiver in Medford:
"That client has severe personalty disorder and lies constant."
Run. Dont look back.

Caregiver in Warwick:
"Prepare to be judged."
Be prepared to be judged based on your occupation. Not all people will treat you with respect.

Caregiver in Sterling Heights:
"Having patience is virtue."
Being patient and taking your time is key. As well as good observation.

Caregiver in Monterey:
"Keep fit."
Keep health and fitness regularly.

Caregiver in Nashville:
Be very patient. Never take it too personal. You will grow to love these elders like family. It's inevitable. Always respect them and you will be rewarded by feeling good within your self for all you do. God bless.

Caregiver in Cleveland:
Know what your getting into.

Caregiver in Greenville:
"Dealing with Alzheimer's."
The stress levels are off the scale. The main thing to learn / have is a world full of patience. Alzheimer's / Dementia clients are sweet as sugar one minute, & the next, mean as a snake. Don't be offended.....they know somewhere, a change has happened, don't know what, & if you "react" badly, it makes the situation worse on your client. They usually fixate on one or two things, & you will explain over & over. Be consistent with your responses. The perk to mine is her sweetness, her smile, her valuable knowledge. If she just "spits" out her response, no thinking 'bout it, she's always right. She's 90, and amazing. Gets confused, & since I'm the one with her everyday, everything is my fault. I just agree. BUT, learn patience, patience, patience. !!! They need you to help them, not do further harm.