Caregiver Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Caregiver in La Quinta:
"Give it your all!!!"
These people need love every day show them passion and care.

Caregiver in Amarillo:
"The pay & the hours."
Do Ur job with care & Compassion U can't do this job just for the money.

Caregiver in Lubbock:
"It's very demanding."
Be very patient...takes time to learn the person your caring for.

Caregiver in Denver:
"That my daily schedule would become that of my patients."
Only become or work as a caregiver if you are truly a humanitarian and like myself have some obsession with helping those unable too help them selves or having fallen into a dark place in life and simply need someone too pull them out. Being a caregiver is not a job one does for the financial compensation but rather just because unlike other jobs such as a RN you spend more quality time with the patient allowing for more of a personal bond to form between the caregiver and the patient. A patients caregiver will always know more about how the patient feels, reacts, is comfortable talking to doctors and nurses about and so much more. This is where a primary care provider from the patients family is extremely important because this extremely strong bond and trust that has formed between patient and caregiver can easily be abused by the caregiver in many different ways. Some say this only happens when the caregiver is under paid but I myself believe it is within the caregiver themselves.