Carpenter Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Carpenter in Martinsville:
Learn as much as you you can tak the trad anywhere.

Carpenter in Virginia Beach:
Always visualize different ways to make a better build.Always communicate your thoughts to your helper, he/she might see something you don't.measure twice, cut once.

Carpenter in Houston:
"How my wages would Be robbed."
Pay your dues. Respect the art and have integrity about whatever it is you do and always find at least one thing to learn every day or else it's a wasted day.

Carpenter in Detroit:
"The amount of hours I would have to work."
Work hard and get along 7be punctual and don't miss scheduled work days.

Carpenter in Baton Rouge:
"Carpenters under paid."
Find a new career. Carpenters are the lowest paid in the construction field.

Carpenter in St. Paul:
"Own it."
Do it nice or do it twice, it doesn't pay to go back and fix what you could have done rite the first time.

Carpenter in Paradise:
"Home builders advice."
Be one with the hammer Do a good job and just hammerin'