Carpenter Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Carpenter in Orlando:
"How hard it was to find work."
Quit and go back to school.

Carpenter in Honolulu:
Wood is good. Money is better.

Carpenter in New York:
"Taking a lower pay."
Look more into a company.

Carpenter in Bellingham:
Show up on time. Be observant so you learn what needs to be done on a job so you can help get things done without having to be told, cleaning work area, proper safety and tool care. Time is money, and safety and neatness help company with regulatory officials, insurance companies, and most of all customers who refer you to more business and often become your friends.

Carpenter in Clearwater:
"Pay sux."
Go up north. Theres no real pay here.

Carpenter in New Orleans:
"Tax Situation."
Regular Job that is trying to give me a 1099 tax form instead of w-2.

Carpenter in Jacksonville:
"Work hard."
Work hard for what you want achieve.