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The average pay for a Carpenter Foreman with Carpentry skills is $22.00 per hour.

The average pay for a Carpenter Foreman with Carpentry skills is {{pay}} per year.


Job Description for Carpenter Foreman

A carpenter foreman is a key supervisor and manager on any major construction project. He or she supervises and directs the carpenters who work with wood on such projects. These can typically involve tasks like laying hardwood floors, building wooden staircases, framing and hanging doors, and building cabinetry and closets. In building projects that require multiple carpenters to perform these jobs, the carpenter foreman serves as their immediate supervisor. In turn, the foreman usually reports to a construction foreman or project manager.


Carpenter Foreman Tasks

  • Follow Industry standards and procedures and comply with federal, state, and local building codes.
  • Determine material requirements, conformance and dimensions of structure and check against blueprints.
  • Maintain continuity among carpentry work teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.
  • Understand safety regulations and provide guidance on policies and procedures.
  • Assesses equipment, materials and labor needed to complete large and/or complex maintenance task to ensure work meets industry standards and reduces waste.

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Carpenter Foreman Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Carpenter Foreman in Fort Dodge:
"Be ready to think ahead and be prepared."
Communicate with all the subcontractors. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

Carpenter Foreman in waltham:
"There's always a solution."
There is always a solution, sometimes you have to slow down and find out what it is.

Carpenter Foreman in Gig Harbor:
"The truth."
Don't believe what hr department tells you.you will be lied to if they can to get you to hire on.

Carpenter Foreman in Harvard:
Know and understand what you are doing.

Carpenter Foreman in El Cajon:
"How to take orders from some one."
Learn all you can, try to make your job easy and learn a fast way to get it. Done, learn a job that fits your style of work < you work for $10.00 hr. What can make you go faster and make more money, say $15.00 hr. > Try to cut and stack your own roof, it pays $300.00-- do you do it in two. Days, OK ! A carpenter makes that in two days; can you do it faster than. That? LEARN ALL YOU CAN; AND MAKE MONEY !

Carpenter Foreman in West Palm Beach:
"Not advancing as far as I would of liked."
You'll always have work if you apply yourself.

Carpenter Foreman in Maine:
"If You Know You Can Do It. Then Speak Up."
To watch the workers and don't believe what someone says. About another worker.

Key Stats for Carpenter Foreman

5-9 years
10-19 years
20 years or more

Years of Experience

5-9 years
10-19 years
20 years or more

Common Health Benefits

medical benefits
Medical: 50%
dental benefits
Dental: 33%
vision benefits
Vision: 33%
no benefits
None: 50%