Case Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Case Manager in Reno:
"Long hours, worked every holiday."
Be prepared to advocate for the patient at all costs. Learn your resources, and network with healthcare entities.

Case Manager in New York:
Take it personal and learn the who, what, why, how, when and where of your job, this will advance your purpose and build on your foundation.

Case Manager in Dodge City:
"Chance for advancement."
Get a masters degree.

Case Manager in Houston:
"Know Your Organization!"
Know the products and processes; not just to 'get by' on the job, but to excel in your position. Ask questions from other product and process groups -the best way for 'shy' (like me) people to get around has been by asking questions (and understanding the answers) from other groups. You will be remembered as a "go to" person. Be very careful about finding your 'role' in a new team; some people designate the role to you and become surprised by how you began to shine faster than expected.

Case Manager in San Carlos:
"Case Management Is All Different."
You have to know the community and the people who live in the community. Most of the time you listen, write down and refer or connect your clients to resources. Case managers are the forefront of the services or agencies they work for so it is necessary to be knowledgeable in all aspects of social well being. People at times think we are the Therapist. Working with mental health it is necessary to have crisis intervention skills. You have to feel comfortable knowing that the clients who come and seek help are in mental distress or are caught up in the court system. You have to know that the very first visit with a client makes a huge impact on the probability if the client will return or not.

Case Manager in Dallas:
"Great People Skills Is A Must; Administrative Details Also."
Be prepared to work long hours. Develop your people skills. Don't be judgmental; have empathy. Always look for good training opportunities to enhance your skills. Learn Spanish. Administrative details are critical in this field. One detail missed could be costly, in human terms to the client and financially to the employer. Network frequently to learn about new services for your clients.