Cashier Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Cashier in Westfield:
"Just do ur job."
When applying for a job like mine u are exposed to customers of all sorts nice n angry rude or just overall a bleeping idiot but just do ur job be nice n things will work in urfavor.

Cashier in Oklahoma City:
"Need to let the customer be rights."
Every customer has a need and you have to address that need.

Cashier in Friendswood:
"That It Is Harder Than It Looks."
Hang in there. The customer is always right. Everyday can bring a headache but for those few diamond in the rough customers that shine through and make your day worth it, you gotta keep going.

Cashier in Millis:
"More Work For Less Pay."
Find out exactly what all of your job duties are, before you agree on a salary. Realize before going in that working with the public is a very difficult and stressful job, especially when the customer is always right.

Cashier in New York:
"Make An Informed Choice."
I wish I had majored in education. Teachers make a good salary. I made a mistake with my Major. No job prospects, get another job. This is the bottom!