Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)?

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA):
The pay is horrible, they run the company on strictly money and politics a greedy billion dollar company with underpayed, and overworked employees! Benefits were very costly, and not great, management was very unexperienced!

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) in Wyandotte:
Pros: close to home
Cons: the slowness

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) in Sac City:
Pros: The people/patients
Cons: Small town hardships

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA):
Unless you can deal with high school drama bs from grown women it's not the place to work. Plus if you go to ur mngr about a problem w/someone she then tells that person who it was that complained on them & doesn't keep it anonymous.

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA):
I love working for the providers that I work for as well as my office manager and staff, but the pay isn't near enough especially for all that we do and as busy as we are! Benefits are pretty good and there is a lot of diversity in the workplace.

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA):
On boarding was very slow. They made many mistakes, that made me start much later than I could have started. I’ve worked for them since May of 2017 & haven’t had a pay increase yet. I won’t get one until Jan 2019. They only give raises once a year in January and only January. You don’t get one after you’ve been there a year if it’s past January when your one year is.The pay is terrible, but I love the patients I work with. But cannot afford to live on my own. I’m 57 and have to live with family.. Makes you feel unappreciated for a job done with excellence and care. I always go above and beyond at any company I work for. My bosses would agree 100%

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) in Fresno:
"Working to help others."
I enjoy being a nurse and want to better my future and others.