Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)?

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Lake Park:
"Overworked and Underpaid."
Pros: Very gratifying, but very stressful and overwhelming at times.
Cons: High Workload, mediocre pay. Hours(can have very long shifts) No incentives for employees (e.g. Sign on bonus, call in/shift pick up bonus, shift differential, holiday pay) Have to work every other holiday with no holiday pay. Very little management. Lack of communication. Stress level. Environmental conditions.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Roseburg:
Go to college for a better paying job in the future.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Sacramento:
"Be patient."
Keep getting more learned in the field.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Berwick:
"Hard back breaking work with sick or handicappped Elderly."
Pros: I go home feeling I helped someone today. I learn something NEW every day since the job is never the same.
Cons: The pay is the pits since I have to pay all my own taxes off the top of the $12.25 per hour. In addition this company does NOT give any references since your a Sub-contractor and they offer no benefits or reward system.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Allentown:
Pros: Taking care of people at the end of the life.
Cons: Mileage reimbursement decreased. Salary not all that great.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Dallas:
To be the best as you can as a certified nurse assistance, and move forward to another professional, before you turn 25years old, and talk to the LVN'S, at work they give you a lot of advice and encouragement, if you're a good listener, and love what you do, good luck!

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Stone Mountain:
If you have a passion for helping people use the entry level to healthcare as a pathway for growth.Consider furthering your education, so you can better position yourself in a market that's competitive.