Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)?

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Danbury:
"Very rewarding job helping other people."
Pros: Learning about different cultures and languages.
Cons: Saying goodbye to my patients once they're healthy and ready to go home.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Portland:
"Rewarding Love caring for Senior population."
Pros: Rewarding work, love caring for seniors. Caring coworkers.
Cons: N/A.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Miami:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Working and assisting the residents, low stress level, and work flexibility.
Cons: Dealing with residents families and some employees.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Wheaton:
"Hard underpaid work with moral rewards."
Pros: Watching the progression of patients as they go through their rehab. Day to day and finally see at their discharge a hope for a complete recovery. Just knowing that I had a part in their recovery helps me to not focus so much on the back breaking work at minimum low pay at the same rate of fast food and retail jobs that do not help the sick and injured.
Cons: The back breaking work at minimum low pay at the same rate of fast food and retail jobs that do not help the sick and injured. Your expected to take on 15 patients with minimum assistance but expected to provide 100% total care despite workload.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in 55119:
Pros: I like most is working with my co-workers, and the resident are amazing.
Cons: Upper management not listening to the ideas of the workers, feeling like your voice is not being heard. And workload is heavy . Supervisor not being consistent. No appreciation for picking up extra shifts, or going above the job duties. Pay is lower than most other nursing homes. Favoritism.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Port Charlotte:
Pros: I get to help others stay in their home.
Cons: I have to travel at least twenty miles to the clients houses.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Whiting:
"Challenging yet rewarding."
Pros: I love the fact that I can go to work every day and enjoy what I do. It's hard to see someone you get attached to pass away, but in the end you know you did the best you could for them. It's rewarding when your resident goes home after months of treatment with a smile on their face because thanks to you, the nurses, and therapy...that person can live alone again.
Cons: Death...it's an everyday struggle not to cry with the family members when a loved one dies. Then there's the issue of not enough staff.