Charge Nurse (RN) Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Charge Nurse (RN) in Orange:
"Work hard."
Working hard wothna happy heart. Stay positive and help each other out. You're a team.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Washington:
Know your staff; their strengths and weaknesses. Make assignments based on your staffs abilities. Always be prepared for the worst possible outcome. Know your SOPs thoroughly or how to locate them. Treat your staff with respect and dignity. Maintain a constant line of communication with your team utilizing the team STEPP methodology. As standards of practice change frequently continuous education is priority.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Atlanta:
To always make room to increase knowledge and skills when you have the opportunity. Cease the moment and achieve the best you can.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Clinton:
"Education is Key."
Start your education as soon as possible and keep growing! As we get older it's easier to share our knowledge and experiences than running up and down the halls doing direct patient care.

Charge Nurse (RN) in Ocala:
"Nursing Will Change Your Life Forever. Keep An Open Mind."
Learn the basics in orientation then watch your co-workers. They will help teach you to conquer the skills you will need to be the best you can be.