Chemist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Chemist?

Chemist in Lancaster:
Pros: Flexibility
Cons: Low pay

Chemist in Bismarck:
"Bismarck is great."
Pros: Not too big. It is clean. Great restaurant selection.
Cons: Very harsh winters. Not exactly a diverse town.

Chemist in Addis Ababa:
"This is my dream."
Pros: I do like in flexiable condition.
Cons: I dont like working by shouting with out reason.

Chemist in Somerset:
"Small fragrance house that is family owned."
Pros: Formulating fragrances in the research and development lab.
Cons: Glass ceiling. Not seeing room to grow. Not learning anything chemistry related. I do not even apply the techniques I learned in college at this job. The only exception is extractions.

Chemist in Reading:
"Good experience working as a chemist."
Pros: Short commute, nice coworkers.
Cons: Bad area, low pay.

Chemist in Avenel:
Pros: I love my job. Interacting with people and advancing my research.
Cons: Nono.

Chemist in Houston:
"I consider it a great city to live and work."
Pros: Diversity in every sense of the word.
Cons: The weather in Houston could be a little less unpredictable.