Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Watsonville:
"Community beautification."
Pros: Improve Landscaping and the visual appearance of businesses and houses in our community. We provide a place to work for over 40 employees and pay them above market salaries.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Little Rock:
"People can make their job harder than what it is."
Know your market, form a bond with your management team.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Duxbury:
Should network every chance you get.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Lakeview:
"Leadership is the key."
Surround yourself with smarter people than you. It will make a huge difference in your business.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Dalton:
"Patience pays off."
Take the time to give attention to detail on each and every task. Use these four steps to prepare a process for implementation. 1. Clarify 2. Simplify 3. Maximize 4. Multiply.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Fullerton:
"The competitive nature of non-profit fundraising."
Be persistent, be open minded, be kind and be good to yourself.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in San Antonio:
"High level skills."
Be compassionate but confident, open minded but have conviction. Know the numbers. Passionate but controlled emotions. Be honest always and transparent when appropriate, appreciate what your employees, accept nothing but the best output; product or service.