Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Tysons Corner, Virginia:
"Tysons Corner has less traffic than DC."
Pros: It's less of a commute than DC
Cons: Traffic

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in San Francisco:
"Fast paced."
Pros: Weather, people,
Cons: Commute.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Woodinville:
"Be as good as you can and let your employees be better."
The paradox of being a CTO is that you need to be very smart, and simultaneously the dumbest guy in the room. Yes, be good, and smart, and efficient and qualified; but hire folks who are smarter, better, more efficient and more qualified than you are.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Redmond:
"Reasonably Walkable."
Pros: It's reasonably walkable, and I can often bike to work from home.
Cons: Parking is a pain for most employees, despite the fact that there should be enough space for good parking garages around here.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in San Diego:
"A founder's perspective."
Pros: Life science funding is abundant in San Diego.
Cons: I wouldn't start another company in San Diego. Not as thriving of an environment as the Bay. Less options for everyone all around.