Civil Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineer in Salt Lake City, Utah:
"4/5 place to work."
Pros: The opportunities to improve the environment.
Cons: Salt Lake City is a little bit behind in terms of it's infrastructure. I'd like to see that develop.

Civil Engineer in Oneonta, New York:
"Very rewarding."
Pros: Improving facilities and infrastructure
Cons: none

Civil Engineer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina:
"No stress low pay."
Pros: no stress
Cons: pay

Civil Engineer in Oklahoma City:
"Average Pay."
Pros: Opportunities
Cons: Lack of leadership, mentorship, and poorly guided accounting department

Civil Engineer in Los Angeles:
"Busy but Good."
Pros: Many things to do, good weather
Cons: Bad traffic, stressful

Civil Engineer in Hayward:
"Close to mountains, skiing, beaches and the City."
Pros: Close to all.
Cons: It is just a burb.

Civil Engineer in Des Moines:
Pros: Its fun
Cons: Its hard