Communications Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Communications Coordinator?

Communications Coordinator in New York:
"Great Benefits. No Upward Movement."
Pros: Awesome benefits and the mentorship I received from my boss has been great.
Cons: No upward movement and not as fast paced as I would like.

Communications Coordinator in Virginia Beach:
"Enjoyable but difficult."
Pros: The climate is beautiful
Cons: The job market

Communications Coordinator in St. Louis Park:
"It's good."
Pros: It's meaningful work.
Cons: The poor communication and disorganization.

Communications Coordinator in Atlanta:
"So many growth opportunities."
Pros: Atlanta is a huge talent pool, and it's only getting better. You have lots of opportunities to plug in and meet people if you're willing.
Cons: It's a boy's club. The old Southern gentlemen still reign around here, and you'll hear a lot of horror stories of women being treated unfairly.