Communications Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Communications Manager?

Communications Manager in St. Paul:
Pros: The people and cause.
Cons: The hours.

Communications Manager in New York:
Pros: I travel a lot and I meet a ton of interesting people along the way. I get to engage with many inspiring and intelligent colleagues every day and I think the organization I work for does good in the world.
Cons: The workload can be overwhelming and the turnover has been frequent so I have taken on a lot more in the past year. I am doing new things constantly and I could use more support, guidance, and compensation.

Communications Manager in Edmonds:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: Extremely flexible yet challenging while working in a company with a family atmosphere. Completely able to set and maintain own schedule with virtually unlimited vacation.
Cons: Summers are extremely busy with the vast majority of the work for the year being completed over 2 months.