Communications Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Communications Manager?

Communications Manager in Richmond:
"Change occurs every four years when new governor is elected."
Set work/ life balance parameters early otherwise work will be all encompassing.

Communications Manager in Tampa:
"Developing your subordinates is very important."
Understand the expectations of the task that has been assigned and have a meticulous approach to accomplishing it.

Communications Manager in St. Paul:
"ISAIAH Communications Manager roll."
Pros: Independent work, flexible hours, learning environment, high-performance culture.
Cons: Lack of alignment and vision to boost internal organizational growth for staff.

Communications Manager in Oxford:
"Looking to see about raise."
Pros: Flexible.
Cons: Little pay raises (800 a year?!)

Communications Manager in Boston:
"Passion is Key."
Pros: Enthusiastic co-workers, doing a job that makes a difference, learning new skills, engaging with many different people internally and externally. Wide, diverse job responsibilities.
Cons: Often feel like I am a one-man team.

Communications Manager in San Francisco:
Pros: Work with diverse, passionate and smart co workers.
Cons: Sometimes feel like a one man team.

Communications Manager in Annapolis:
"A lot of work for little pay."
Pros: Managing advertising, photography, graphic design, website promotion, print production, project management, waterfront, boats.
Cons: My overbearing and very controlling supervisor, fast paced environment, event management, not treated equally and professionally.