Communications Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Communications Specialist?

Communications Specialist in Salt Lake City, Utah:
"I love living and working in SLC!"
Pros: The people that I work with. We've become friends and hang out with each other outside of work.
Cons: I'm far from my family and miss them.

Communications Specialist in Greensboro, North Carolina:
"Not many opportunities."
Pros: Convenient to where I live
Cons: Dumpy town with little aptitude for economic development

Communications Specialist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
"A stepping stone to better things."
Pros: The people. It’s an affordable city to do things in.
Cons: Public Transportation

Communications Specialist:
Forget about ever getting promoted or paid a competitive wage. They love to dangle the carrot, though. All the best, hard-working employees leave once they figure out they’re never going to make the same as other companies pay for same type of work.

Communications Specialist in San Diego:
"San Diego."
Pros: It's a great city with lots of great things to do. A great place to begin a family.
Cons: Cost of living is extremely high. Therefore I need a job that will compensate accordingly.

Communications Specialist in Marion:
"Fairly good."
Pros: I like working from home 2 days a week and my vacation benefits.
Cons: I don't enjoy my hour commute to and from work, my office conditions or the fact that the university never gives raises.

Communications Specialist in Washington:
"Working in DC."
Pros: Lots of connections.
Cons: Bad commute.