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The average pay for a Community Outreach Coordinator with Basic skills is $24.00 per hour.

The average pay for a Community Outreach Coordinator with Basic skills is $44,084 per year.

MEDIAN $24.00
MEDIAN $44,084

Job Description for Community Outreach Coordinator

Community outreach coordinators serve as the face and voice of their organization, bridging the gap between the company and the community.


Community Outreach Coordinator Tasks

  • Develop community outreach activities and programs.
  • Represent organization in a variety of public settings to increase awareness.
  • Evaluate needs of general public and community groups.

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Community Outreach Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Community Outreach Coordinator?

Community Outreach Coordinator in Miami:
"Rewarding Experience."
Pros: Interaction with the community, work flexibility, perks.
Cons: The management, disorganization, discrimination,

Community Outreach Coordinator in Camden:
Pros: Being able to provide workshops and resources to students and families.
Cons: Underpaid and overworked.

Community Outreach Coordinator in Yuma:
"It is the most satifing."
Pros: Helping people. Being able to help when no one else steps up to help.
Cons: When the community does not want to hear or know about the people that live in our community that needs the our help. When they don't want to take the time to be educated and learn regarding our homeless and underprivileged population.

Community Outreach Coordinator in Chicago:
"Know Your Worth, Balance Your Life."
Be sure to that you balance your personal life with your job, and that your education and professional experience should be highly considered at all times for salary. In addition, a job should invest in professional development and measurable growth--this should never be seen as synonymous with an aggregate number of years in one role, which by default would have you acquire years of experience.

Community Outreach Coordinator in Chicago:
"Very Personally Rewarding."
Pros: Being outdoors, working with people and teaching about the value of reconnecting with nature with humanity as a means of getting centered and staying balanced.
Cons: Salary is not enough.

Community Outreach Coordinator in New York:
Pros: I love the people and working with food outreach. I love that I personally have helped over 300 families last year eat in a healthy way. I adore the corporate culture here, and the fact that I have support for my program but am given the freedom to run it as I see fit.
Cons: It can be frustrating to have to say "no" to people who want fresh produce, because I don't have the grant money to fund it.

Key Stats for Community Outreach Coordinator


67 %
33 %
20 years or more


67 %
33 %

Common Health Benefits

medical benefits
Medical: 67%
dental benefits
Dental: 50%
vision benefits
Vision: 50%
no benefits
None: 33%