Compliance Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Compliance Manager?

Compliance Manager in Danville:
Cons: Danville is an hour away from anyplace good.

Compliance Manager in Columbia:
"It is my home town, great people!"
Pros: A growing cultural and arts scene. College sports, food (great BBQ), access to lakes, rivers and short driving distance to the coast and mountains.
Cons: The infrastructure needs improving.

Compliance Manager in New York:
"The good, the bad."
Pros: I love the convenience of working in the city.
Cons: I dislike all the congestion on the daily commute.

Compliance Manager in Dallas:
"Great Work Environment."
Pros: Lots of job opportunities, nice weather, fairly close to home, cost of living, city culture.
Cons: Commuting, traffic, wish it was closer to home.

Compliance Manager in White Plains:
Pros: I do not see much of white plains except work there.
Cons: The commute and traffic. Distance from home is far.

Compliance Manager in Dallas:
"The umbrella that catches all."
Don't be afraid to dive in, a lot of what you will do is new industry standards. There is no manual for right or wrong. In Cloud computing certification we are leading the way to help certifying bodies understand the regulation that should be standard. A lot of the time it will be like fitting a square peg into a round hole. While maintaining and developing new core corporate controls, we also have a duty to not let the external commercial compliance certifications fall into the cracks. ISO, SOC, HITRUST, PCI, HIPPA. Maintain and develop internal controls. You will have an entire internal auditing team who will test your implementation of corporate controls company wide. They will provide the assurance internally and to you so you can provide the external trust to third party auditing firms as well as customers. You will work with multiple 3rd party certifying bodies to insure trust with all commercial audits obtained domestically and internationally by IBM IaaS. Good luck.

Compliance Manager in Nashville:
"Culture, Salary Increase Potential and Actual."