Compliance Officer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Compliance Officer?

Compliance Officer in Cambridge:
"Cambridge empoyee are you only a number."
Pros: I like my job
Cons: The opportunity to grow

Compliance Officer in Keshena:
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Getting low pay

Compliance Officer:
Lack of communication often hinders quality of work. Starting pay is low compared to surrounding areas. Lots of holidays and decent health care. Most businesses are not run properly by management. My starting pay is particularly low.

Compliance Officer in Forest City:
"Good hometown atmosphere."
Pros: I love the people I work with and the people that we serve.
Cons: I would prefer to live in a warmer climate, but I've always lived in this area, and it is where I call home.

Compliance Officer in Kanab:
Pros: It is simple and not challenging.
Cons: Low pay.

Compliance Officer in Bloomington:
"Nice professional atmosphere, easy commute, friendy people."
Pros: I like the people I work with. The commute is fairly easy. Office space is professional, well planned, and state of the art.
Cons: Traffic can be backed up quite early in the day.

Compliance Officer in New York:
Pros: It's great to work in NYC because it exposes people to different people, ideas and ways to approach individual matters.
Cons: It's expensive to eat and live here.