Compliance Officer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Compliance Officer in Atlanta:
"Always produce evidence."
Stay focused. Give options. Seek knowledge.

Compliance Officer in Salt Lake City:
"Be Flexible and Optimistic."
Know the FAR inside and out this will help with keeping compliant. Having Standards of work created for each action you do. Keep up on your continued education always stay current with new trainings.

Compliance Officer in Windhoek:
"Medicating risk."
Stick to your work load and be proactive.

Compliance Officer in Los Angeles:
"The operational aspects of the job."
Understand the laws and regulations and how to apply them in your work environment.

Compliance Officer in Rock Springs:
"Be Friendly."
If you are friendly to the people you work with critisicm will be easier to give and take when dealing with compliance issues.

Compliance Officer in Oklahoma City:
"Compliance Officer/ wires."
Pros: I like that I am able to still work 40 hours a week and continue my education. I like the multitasking and responsibility given to me to make transactions go through.
Cons: Certain people are treated as higher up because of their level of education compared to others. Some of the different management within the organization is too lenient where it affects work getting done. There is also a lot of stress put onto you in my position. I may have 5 minutes to check an AML and check off people involved in the transaction with my signature all over the sheet. If something happens to go wrong (people involved in transaction are active criminals with money laundering/drug dealing) getting away with a transaction, my name is involved in the checking process which could get me into trouble.

Compliance Officer in Baltimore:
"Job Security."
More and more regulations are occurring and the scrutiny from the regulators continues to increase. Given these factors, there is a large need for knowledgeable compliance people. Know your craft well and be nimble and flexible in the face of change.