Compliance Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Compliance Specialist?

Compliance Specialist in Denver:
Pros: Working in Denver is ideal except for the traffic. There is a higher population of the job market is more competitive.
Cons: Traffic.

Compliance Specialist in Jacksonville:
Cons: Over worker, under staffed, under paid. No overtime allowed.

Compliance Specialist in Minneapolis:
"Go getter."
Pros: Work culture and flexibility. So much to room to grow. Learning and development is highly encouraged.
Cons: Rewards. I think I should earn more. Given my level of education and skills.

Compliance Specialist in Las Vegas:
"Must love multi-tasking."
Familiarize yourself with state and federal regulation websites. Study Study Study.

Compliance Specialist in Los Angeles:
"Management has no human skills."
Pros: The individual contributors that are NOT IN MANAGEMENT.
Cons: My boss. Management has no human skills. They are demeaning to Hispanics.

Compliance Specialist in Boston:
Pros: Learning the legalities involved with financial services. Customer service.
Cons: Needing more specific training and certifications.

Compliance Specialist in Irving:
"Knowledge about the industry."
Going into my current job, I had the necessary skills to manage DOT compliance. I did not have enough knowledge about the oil and gas industry to better apply my skills, or to have an idea of how to become a more valuable asset to the company beyond the current position. Lack of knowledge keeps you in a box, until you aspire to study the industry on your own time. The job may not provide this training to you.