Construction Estimator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Estimator?

Construction Estimator in Houston:
"A city on the rise."
Pros: I like that the city is expanding and it seems more and more opportunities outside of Oil and Gas are popping up
Cons: It is still a little saturated with old Oil money and driven by the corporate 9-5 rat race.

Construction Estimator in Boston:
Pros: The amount of Opportunities around the city.
Cons: The congestion and traffic. Also the weather.

Construction Estimator in Dallas:
"Pay in Dallas."
Pros: The people are good to work with, laid back.
Cons: The summer heat.

Construction Estimator in High Point:
"90 day review."
Pros: Work with good people. Work for a growing company. Not micro managed.
Cons: Don't get paid fair market value. No benefits. No sick days. No personal days. Not enough vacation.

Construction Estimator in Duluth:
Pros: Outdoor recreation activities, short commutes, close to 3 great ski hills.
Cons: Nothing really, still nothing, still nothing,

Construction Estimator in Sacramento:
"How to understand the General Contractors thought proccess."
Make sure you understand what the General Contractors needs are as it pertains to the trade you are performing. Adapt to their bid requirements and make it easier for them to award you the project. Be proactive in keeping track of all bid results so you can adapt to current market conditions. Above all be professionally persistent. Follow up until you are told "no".

Construction Estimator in Coon Rapids:
Pros: Easy work, laid back, and good enviroment.
Cons: Tedious, sometimes stressful, locked in back office.