Construction Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Construction Manager in Hilo:
Make thE time away from your kids worth it. Get and agreement done about your vehicle that's yours your using so you don't pay out of pocket servicing. The same goes about the tools of yours about replacements and maintenence for them. Have your job duties from top to bottom down in writing because there is nothing like dealing with unnecessary overloaded stress when your not a t work.

Construction Manager in Boston:
"Non profits operate completely different from regular compan."
Make sure you know what your getting into.

Construction Manager in Princeton:
"If you're not learning, you're not listening."
If you didn't learn something today then you weren't paying attention. You are surrounded by contractors, vendors and workers that should be experts in their field. Use their knowledge, along with your experience and experiences, to resolve almost any issue that can show it's ugly head. Do not dis-count your labor force either. Just because they are digging a ditch, doesn't mean they wont say something, when asked, from out in left field that resolves the problem of the day.

Construction Manager in Charlotte:
"Construction Management Advice."
Supplement Your Trade experience with computer skills & business management classes.

Construction Manager in Midland:
Be nice to people treat eveyone the same. Ask opinions.

Construction Manager in Corpus Christi:
"Responsible for maintaining progress and budget."
Understand the Scope of Work.

Construction Manager in Concord:
Don't let people hear your opinions easily. Read your emails from the bottom up. Write your email with reiterations. Do not take work home.