Construction Project Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Construction Project Manager in Seattle:
"People not projects."
The hardest part about being a project manager who is in charge of a group of people is not managing the project, it's managing the people. Dealing with the human resources side of being a manager takes more out of a manager than dealing with managing the project.

Construction Project Manager in Bothell:
"Expectation and perks."
Share job expectations & perks.

Construction Project Manager in Fort Collins:
"Start with a large company."
Study plans and specifications and spend a lot of time learning the intimate details of the job.

Construction Project Manager in Albuquerque:
Watch out being an unexpected surprise when hired. It quickly turns into a demanding expectation. If you are the only one putting in 50, 60, 70 hours a week, don't do it. The company will keep piling more on you letting the others slack. Do you share effectively and in a timely manner offer to help as long as it is appreciated. When it starts being demanded scale back. All employers will get as much out of you as they can for as little as they can. Its not personal just watch how you let yourself get used.

Construction Project Manager in Norco:
"Takes time."
It takes time to build up experience and skills.

Construction Project Manager in Atlanta:
"Added Responsibilities."
Find out what possible responsibilities you may have that are not included in your job description or project.