Construction Superintendent, Commercial Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Construction Superintendent, Commercial in Houston:
"Keep time employees, mechanic, technical support, over."
Run jobs mechanic direct employees hire and fire help with all tasks in the field.

Construction Superintendent, Commercial in Dallas:
"Pay attention."
Pay attention to you pm's, don't let them run you, pay attention to your senior supers you should be learning from them.

Construction Superintendent, Commercial in New York:
"Responsibilities And Organization."
Keep track of your daily activities, log in the weather everyday, check your inventory, communicate with your fellow employees, treat each employee equally and respectfully in order to get the right performance out of them, respect your clients, bite your tongue and try to compromise in order for the project to go forward successfully, hold weekly safety meetings, hold weekly meeting on production and give credit to the employees that put forth the energy to give you the best job, limit your friendship with your employees, treat the crew every now and then to coffee, sit down and listen to what employees have to say (good or bad) one on one to build a solid caring /business relationship, listen to the people who have been in this business for a very long time because you do not know everything, be opened minded, read the prints over and over and over again, read the specs, separate and file all divisions, create a chart/folder for RFI's sent and answered & have a chart for submissions.

Construction Superintendent, Commercial in Green Bay:
"Computer Knowledge."
I would tell anyone starting to take all new construction computer program courses available.

Construction Superintendent, Commercial in Denver:
"Sell Yourself High! The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Cash."
Sell yourself high. Acquire as many certificates that you can along the way. Find out who decides on promotions and raises. And focus on your communications skills.