Contracts Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Contracts Manager?

Contracts Manager in Falls Church, Virginia:
"Some parts are nice, some not there yet."
Pros: Close to gym, short commute
Cons: Heavy traffic

Contracts Manager in San Diego, California:
"Keep Getting Better."
Pros: Great Weather and Happy People
Cons: Not a lot of diversity

Contracts Manager:
The company has very good benefits and an excellent culture. I feel very empowered and supported by leaders. They trust me to work as a professional and provide the resources I need to succeed. They also encourage employees to think about the next thing in their career and will help you make connections so that you can eventually take that next step.

Contracts Manager in Orlando, Florida:
"Well, the jobs are in Orlando. But it's hot as hell here."
Pros: It's near Disney World.
Cons: It is an hour from where I live, and it is hot as hell here 9 months out of the year.

Contracts Manager in Hudson, Ohio:
"Excellent Employee."
Pros: small town and shops
Cons: traffic

Contracts Manager in Mojave, California:
"It’s where people in the aerospace industry want to be."
Pros: It’s a place where history is made
Cons: Not many places to eat

Contracts Manager in Rochester:
Pros: Being busy dealing with people getting things done.
Cons: Stressful material ordering getting people to as asked.