Corporate Controller Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Corporate Controller in Phoenix:
"It's a Good Living but you won't get rich."
Try to work for a large, publicly traded company and keep up to date with your networking.

Corporate Controller in Springboro:
"Audit Or Tax?"
Public accounting pushes one or the other. Try your best to get experience in both areas for well balance knowledge. Accounting helps you do your job, Tax helps you keep your boss and owners happy.

Corporate Controller in Phoenix:
"Don't Rush/Don't Delay."
Don't rush the college experience. Some assume it's the "right" thing to do to dive into college directly after high school. I recommend taking a year off after HS and travel and recharge your batteries before fully immersing yourself into college. But don't let that 1 year time frame turn into a regretful 10 year time frame or even worse to delay indefinitely.

Corporate Controller in San Clemente:
"Just Be The Best At Whatever You Do. The Money Will Follow."
Put the gun down.... take a few deep breaths.