Corporate Controller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Corporate Controller?

Corporate Controller in Novato:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: Small and part of growing the company.
Cons: I think I should be paid more and would like more guidance on projects.

Corporate Controller in Pittsburgh:
"Disgruntled Coworkers."
Restructure software department.

Corporate Controller in Columbus:
"Company to conservative."
Their is no leadership. Review carefully and build your own job responsibilities.

Corporate Controller in Lindon:
Pros: The people and environment in the accounting department.
Cons: The type of decisions made by executive management.

Corporate Controller in Norcross:
"Women are not appreciated by the men they work for."
Launch your own company.

Corporate Controller in Denver:
Make sure the CEO values the financial function.

Corporate Controller in Nashville:
"Don't Get Old."
Do not let your company ignore you at annual review time just because they think you are 'too old' to find another job. Not all raises are merit based. The cost of living can eat away rapidly at what was previously a generous compensation package.