Corporate Controller Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Corporate Controller?

Corporate Controller in Nashville:
"Don't Get Old."
Do not let your company ignore you at annual review time just because they think you are 'too old' to find another job. Not all raises are merit based. The cost of living can eat away rapidly at what was previously a generous compensation package.

Corporate Controller in Las Vegas:
Just because you have reached a higher level in your career does not assure you know everything in your field. Listen; to everyone; your reports, higher ups, the janitor, everyone has something to teach you. Most importantly, listen to yourself... You may find flaws that need correcting.

Corporate Controller in Winston-Salem:
"Checks and Balances."
I ti s my responsibility to keep costs contained to income levels and to effectively report our actual process, to budget expenditures and forecast upcoming weeks. I have to make sure we have operating funds and keep the billspaid on a timely basis. I make suer employees are accurately compensated and handle all insurance and benfits.

Corporate Controller in Howell:
Roll up your sleeves and get the job done. Utilize all resources to delegate the tasks.

Corporate Controller in Bakersfield:
"Corporate Organizational Structure Specialist."
Pros: Directly working with all level employees.
Cons: Pay Ceiling.

Corporate Controller in Tacoma:
Build your team to compliment your skills.

Corporate Controller in Houston:
"How difficult cost accounting is."
You are going to have to self-educate in many areas of finance and accounting.