Correctional Officer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Correctional Officer at Idaho Department of Corrections?

Correctional Officer in Boise:
Pros: Benefits are amazing and good retirement package.
Cons: Over time is not paid out unless it's a holiday otherwise you get paid time off which at times is hard to get days off you want.

Correctional Officer in Chester:
"Are you sure?"
Figure out if this is something you really want almost immediately. It is a great stepping stone to other opportunities but there are risks you face daily. If you are not a strong willed individual you can get consumed. This is not for the faint at heart or the extremely meek. Dealing with convicts who are very manipulative can cause you grief and trouble if you don't possess the proper mindset.

Correctional Officer in Tucson:
Pros: The pay and the benefits that's about it.
Cons: Ti many politics. To much do as I say don't do as I do.

Correctional Officer in Cleburne:
Pros: What I like most is the stability. It is job security because there will always be someone breaking the law. And it pays my bills...well somewhat pays them.
Cons: It is dark and depressing. There is no appreciation for anything you do. I was told I can move up in the company but employees that have been there less time then me are getting picked over me. Plus, they want me to treat people like they are dirt all because they are jail and I just cant do that.

Correctional Officer in Philadelphia:
Do ur job to the best of ur ability..Listen to senior officers and make ur money and keep it moving..If ur not sure about something..Ask..dont get too involve with inmates..

Correctional Officer in Providence:
Be yourself. Don't let the actions of others dictate what kind of officer you are. Be fair, firm and consistent. Treat people like people.

Correctional Officer in Abbeville:
"Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC)"
Pros: While working with the Department of Corrections, I obtain discounts at a few retail locations for being employed in Law Enforcement.
Cons: There's nothing at all at this time that I like about my job with GDC. When I first started, I really enjoyed going to work, our whole shift communicated not only as coworkers, but as if we were family. We followed the policy that GDC has in place, and did what we had to do on a day to day basis. We as officers ran the prison, and inmates did as they were told. Things have changed now, policy is being broken in favor for the inmates, and inmates run the institutions. Officers are being punished for trying to follow policy, and supervisors are not backing up the officers. The sole duty of a supervisor at any prison is to back up their officers, train their officers to handle situations the right way, and to guide the newer officers to follow policy. None of this is happening anymore, and its making the state prison systems a very dangerous place to work. The stress level for those of us who try to do right by policy has increased dramatically. This is why I hate my current job.