Idaho Department of Corrections Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Correctional Officer?

Correctional Officer in Caldwell:
"It's worth it."
Pros: There's something new everyday. The benefits are well for a 21 year old. It's not very stressful most of the time.
Cons: The altercations are not worth the pay.

Correctional Officer in Michigan City:
"Peope in michigan city do not work together."
Pros: closer to home
Cons: not enough productive good paying job

Correctional Officer in Morganton:
Pros: It is where I was born and my family lives here.
Cons: Not many job opportunity's

Correctional Officer in Peru:
"It's not worth it."
Pros: We only work half of the days of the year because we work long shifts.
Cons: You work with awful people all day, and it's not just the offenders.

Correctional Officer in Madison:
Be prepared to deal with negative people in a negative environment! The daily grind of that is tough to weather!

Correctional Officer in Kingman:
"Not to bad."
Pros: Trying to rehabilitate inmates for society.

Correctional Officer in Fort Lauderdale:
Pros: I get to take care of people society reject.
Cons: Going one place everyday and seeing the same faces.