Creative Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Creative Director in Chicago:
"Powerpoint is not evil."
Learn the business and let the business drivers determine the right design approach.

Creative Director in Ann Arbor:
"Leaders tend to disregard the value of our work."
My experience is that most CEOs, CFO's, and generally leaders have a 'default' of viewing the work and value as secondary to the vision and goals of the company, when in fact they could never achieve said goals without our work. Additionally, most CEO's and CFO's have no concept of how much time, experience and resources are required to achieve world class results, and often assume that world class results are 'standard' or 'normal' vs. Exceptional. I believe it is because our society consumes world class creative products all day everyday (commercials, products, media and so on) and take these things for granted.

Creative Director in Marietta:
"In House Design Team Structure."
Discover the value of your in house design team for the strategic direction of the organization first. Move slowly. Get buy-in. Start with answering the question "why".

Creative Director in Miami:
Be organized, resourceful and flexible.

Creative Director in Orlando:
"Practice to be excellent."
Manage your time with a balance between work and family.

Creative Director in New York:
"Corporate culture."
Have a mentor of some sort.