Credit Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Credit Manager?

Credit Manager in Mosinee:
Do credit manager job only don't take on more.

Credit Manager in Santa Rosa:
"Credit Manager."
Be the best you can be.

Credit Manager in Mineola:
"Nothing to lose."
Pros: The work is not stressful. Is near the train station. Full time work week.
Cons: The commute is pretty far considering I live in thr city. Some customers are very rude.

Credit Manager in New Orleans:
Pros: The staff and clientele.
Cons: The heat.

Credit Manager in Wausau:
"Stress level."
Pros: Although I enjoy working for my employer, it can be stressful trying to. Get people to pay the amount they owe in the terms I set. I have the ability to determine a customer's credit limit and term but it can be difficult when trying to explain to a customer why they did not receive a limit. I enjoy seeing results the most. My favorite time of day is when the mailman arrives with a big pile of checks. I will then go through them and process the deposits. After that, I will check our AR aging summary to see how we are doing.
Cons: Having to listen to customer's try and explain why they cannot pay or will not pay. I hate it when a customer tells me they are sending money only to never see a check arrive. A lot of work done on my end with zero results due to the customer just not wanting pay.

Credit Manager in Riverside:
"Collecting while preserving business relationships."
Learn every aspect of your business so you can solve problems that are obstacles to payment. Learn to prioritize the time critical tasks.

Credit Manager in Wilsonville:
"Lack of career growth."
Get experience and move on to a company with opportunity to you are not advancing. Maintain a positive attitude, learn from others.