Custodian Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Custodian?

Custodian in Monroe:
"Easy to work enviroment."
Pros: It is not too hard of work.
Cons: Boring.

Custodian in Healdsburg:
"Good experience."
Pros: My job allows for work in many fields involving chemicals, building repairs and maintenance. Even when the school hires professionals I get to work with them to gain basic knowledge in trouble shooting and repairing. I enjoy being able to prioritize my work as well as job orders that are requested on top of my daily duties and having the intimate knowledge of the schools workings and how to increase efficiency to make others work enjoyable.
Cons: Management and supervisors are unprofessional and have limited knowledge of the needs of the school and the hours it takes to perform jobs. Quality isnt important.

Custodian in Cicero:
"Work for older humans."
If you are younger than 35.. Go to school find a good job!!!

Custodian in McAllen:
Cons: Always have to keep everything spotless clean.

Custodian in Alamogordo:
"Safety First."
Always use eye and hand protection when using chemicals.

Custodian in Moses Lake:
"How many different add ons' would've been given through out."
Always be prepared for extra work added on, unless already in your job description. With a raise or no raise.

Custodian in Montebello:
"I was being underpaid."
Ask for fair pay.