Custodian Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Custodian in Moses Lake:
"How many different add ons' would've been given through out."
Always be prepared for extra work added on, unless already in your job description. With a raise or no raise.

Custodian in Montebello:
"I was being underpaid."
Ask for fair pay.

Custodian in New York:
"Be Reliable. Be Able to Adjust. Be prepared for a change."

Custodian in Post Falls:
"Treat the people who work for you with the upmost respect."
If your supervisor explains a way to clean listen openly and take their advice. They have been doing the job your doing for years and know how to do it well. You should also treat your other co-workers with the same respect that your supervisor gives you. As generosity goes a long way in regards to respect and this prevents any bridges/connections from being burned. You need these people as they need you as its all about team work. Communicate effectively with your supervisors or co-workers. Finally, if you don't understand something ask as the stupid question is the one not asked.

Custodian in Fresno:
Do the best job you can do. Ask for help when or if needed to help you achieve your best efforts. Do not be afraid to ask for a raise if and when you feel you deserve one.

Custodian in Cedar Rapids:
"Keep it real."
Listen to your co-workers and management re: how they do the job and/or want the job to be done, but when you're comfortable with the position, look for ways to be more efficient and look especially for ways, even just little ways, to let your "customers" know that you are considerate of their needs. Policy schmolicy, if they want another waste basket, get them another waste basket.