Customer Service Representative (CSR) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) at Fifth Third Bank (5/3 Bank)?

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Louisville:
"53 bank."
Pros: 401k match, health insurance.
Cons: Recognition.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Columbus:
Pros: Pay, benefits including: health, vision, dental insurance, tuition reimbursement, 401K, paid vacation/personal/sick time.
Cons: Call center environment, high stress, UN-fulfilling job, monotonous job.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Harrisonburg:
"More Tactful."
You'll never be successful if you treat all customers the same. As a CSR you need to adjust yourself to the situation to become more personable to the customer. Personable relationships are long lasting relationships, no matter what you're doing.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Newport Beach:
Pros: I enjoy working with people, I most enjoy feeling like I have helped people. My favorite part of my job is also my least favorite part of the job going into patient rooms and getting forms signed because I get a chance to brighten someones day and at the same time I can also see some intense medical stuff, no one wants to be at a hospital.
Cons: I think the worst part is seeing people who have really serious medical conditions on a regular basis. People come into the hospital that you don't see around town and they are in then hospital in condition that you wouldn't imagine.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Hammond:
"Business type setting, set 9-5 hours, medium stress level."
Pros: The one on one interaction with my banking customers, problem solving and assisting fellow coworkers in any way that I can.
Cons: My current boss and the company's lack of appreciation for employees.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Indianapolis:
"Learn everything."
Pay attention to ever facet of your company's business. Learn as many skills as possible. Take advantage of as much training and certification as possible. If you have any sales skill, move in that direction; that's where the money is.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Champaign:
"Boring, stressful."
Pros: Helping customers and talking to coworkers.
Cons: Working outside and no consistency.