Customer Service Representative (CSR) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) at Farm Bureau Insurance Company?

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Wilmington:
"Great company to work for."
Pros: Benefits and work atmosphere.
Cons: Stress level at times.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Scranton:
"The Job."
Pros: Full time employment.
Cons: Little opportunity for advancement. Poor scheduling 2nd shift 4 - 10 hr days. No planned time to learn skills needed in position, many call types.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Forney:
Actually, pick another career. I work in a male dominated company, women aren't compensated as well as men. Career advancement is nonexistent.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Corpus Christi:
"Stress Level."
Pros: Working with some of the customers and co-workers.
Cons: Lack of resources to be able to provide accurate information.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Hudson:
"Office conditions."
Pros: Overall, the people are nice and very professional.
Cons: There are no benefits offered, no perks or incentives, no future opportunities for advancement or goals to strive for. We get reprimanded for not meeting sales quotas for the month. I was hired to assist and help preexisting customers with their insurance policy issues, not sales. Consequently I get in trouble for not getting back to the preexisting customer's policy issues fast enough due to time taken to work up a sales quotas. Currently I have the highest sales in the office - still not good enough.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Tampa:
"It's rewarding."
Pros: I enjoy working for the company its a good place to work.
Cons: No complaints.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Seattle:
"Busy, Busy but happy."
Pros: What I like most about my job is the people. I have a very friendly, and supportive staff that I feel really care about me.
Cons: I think that my job requires a lot more work than one would think and thus that we are under paid.