Data Entry Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Data Entry Clerk?

Data Entry Clerk in San Francisco:
Pros: The hours and location of my job.
Cons: The wage here is very low, no opportunity for advancement.

Data Entry Clerk in Salina:
"High level stress job with multiple job duties."

Data Entry Clerk in Sterling Heights:
"High stress level due to constant accuracy check of work."
Pros: What I like most of my work is the ability to produce data for company document retrieval dependent on meeting timely deadlines in an effective and efficient manner.
Cons: What I like least about my job is the stress level of always having to be accurate in every aspect of the job description. There is no room for ERROR.

Data Entry Clerk in Stennis Space Center:
"Mostly good."
Pros: Team-oriented environment, great benefits.
Cons: Pay is competitive to the local walmart.

Data Entry Clerk in Little Falls:
Pros: Nothing.
Cons: No health care. Low pay. Bi-weekly.

Data Entry Clerk in Searcy:
"Stressful, fast pace, no annual raises."
Pros: Coworkers, our mission, the purpose of hospice.
Cons: The pay, the stress, the overwhelming amount of stuff to be done.

Data Entry Clerk in Rochester:
"The stress level is low."
Pros: I like being able to work independently.
Cons: Repetition.