Data Entry Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Data Entry Clerk?

Data Entry Clerk in Searcy:
"Stressful, fast pace, no annual raises."
Pros: Coworkers, our mission, the purpose of hospice.
Cons: The pay, the stress, the overwhelming amount of stuff to be done.

Data Entry Clerk in Rochester:
"The stress level is low."
Pros: I like being able to work independently.
Cons: Repetition.

Data Entry Clerk in Findlay:
Pros: The work I do.
Cons: No physical work at all.

Data Entry Clerk in Irving:
Cons: Working late constantly every week.

Data Entry Clerk in Jacksonville:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: Knowing that people will promptly and correctly receive the items they have ordered online.
Cons: Serious lack of benefits.

Data Entry Clerk in Miami:
"Can be boring."
Pros: Its fairly easy and helps time move.
Cons: Most of the time you're looking at the same stuff all day.

Data Entry Clerk in Seattle:
"Grunt Work."
Pros: The best part about this job is that it is often stress free; you are likely to have minimal responsibility aside from entering information correctly. Probably best for someone happy to keep to themselves all day. I was able to listen to podcasts throughout my shift.
Cons: For someone who enjoys interacting with people, this is not a good job. For someone who enjoys taking on complex levels of responsibility, this is not a good job. In general, one can set their own pace, but some days you may find yourself monotonously entering the same type of data for six straight hours.