Database Administrator (DBA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Database Administrator (DBA)?

Database Administrator (DBA) in Indianapolis:
"I love Indy."
Pros: Easy to get to my office, lots to do around town
Cons: Could have more tech companies in town, needs better opportunities.

Database Administrator (DBA) in Chico:
"Great place to grow and learn."
Pros: small town values
Cons: not enough big city perks

Database Administrator (DBA) in Grand Rapids:
Pros: Great city, fantastic outdoor recreational opportunities.

Database Administrator (DBA) in Roseville:
"Lot of opportunities."
Pros: There's a lot of work to do. Not 24/7.
Cons: Distance from home. Training $ is very minimal. No incentive. No recognition.

Database Administrator (DBA) in Huntington Beach:
Pros: Flexible detailed analytical.
Cons: Rushed codependent.

Database Administrator (DBA) in Chestertown:
"All About that Databas."
Pros: I like working with numbers because im a quantitative person. I get to receive shipments' invoices, which is strangely fun. I also get to do some graphic design and Web design.
Cons: Data entry can be repetitive and sometimes customers can be rude.

Database Administrator (DBA) in Orlando:
"Level of dedication."
Make sure that you arrive early, do everything you request of others to do yourself, follow best industry practices, be dedicated 100%, always do your best.