Daycare Teacher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Daycare Teacher?

Daycare Teacher in Madison:
"It's nice."
Pros: A lot of shopping centers, gas stations and restaurants.
Cons: Traffic is bad when I get off.

Daycare Teacher in Chicago:
"Chicago is Chicago."
Pros: Transportation and set minimum wage which is higher than what employers really want to pay
Cons: Unfair treatment

Daycare Teacher:
Loving clients.. Great staff.. Go thru he'll every so often.. From clients..need to pay more money to staff to keep them..again.. Pay more money to staff. A lot of book work, and computer problems.. Lots of mice in house.

Daycare Teacher in Philadelphia:
"Great if you have higher education."
Pros: Commute is easy
Cons: Few opportunities to advance very political

Daycare Teacher in San Jose:
Getting education in Child development

Daycare Teacher in Louisville:
Be a team worker share your advice and kills to enhance the business. Remain dedicated be on time always.

Daycare Teacher in Pell City:
"Learn how to treat employees."
You must love children to work were I do because you are underpaid it can be a rewarding job yet stressful at times.