Deli Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Deli Manager?

Deli Manager:
I worked at the Mishawaka, Indiana store for 10+ year, s. After taking the deli manager position, I realized that, due to the lack of training, this position would be a challenge. I learned what I could from other department managers. Getting management to hire enough associates for my department was always stressful. I would end up losing good, hardworking people because of the lack of coverage. There was always stress between the associates in the deli, especially if there were a few could not keep up with the rest. Anytime home office made changes to the way tasks were performed, the store management would never follow through. Falsifying documents was a regular occurrence. I had one assistant manager who would, literally, stand in front of myself and the store manager and falsify hourly records on the handheld. All the store manger would do was to tell that person to stop. But then would send out E-mails praising that person for doing such a "great" job. I would complain to regional management, but nothing ever changed. When One Best Way began, things went from bad to worse. I was expected to train people, that had been allowed to slack off for so many years, to meet expectations that even I could not do. Asking for help from anyone in the management chain was, again, pointless. I could not get management to "physically" show me how to perform tasks to meet the companies expectations. I struggled with this for a long time. Stress and anxiety were a regular

Deli Manager in Wellsboro:
Pros: The management in my store are caring not just professionally but personally.
Cons: They don't like to get rid of bad employees. Some people get away with barely doing their job.