Dental Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dental Assistant?

Dental Assistant in Vancouver:
"Daily Life."
Pros: Working with the public and helping patients!
Cons: Limited hours, limited growth and pay.

Dental Assistant in Bradenton:
Pros: The patients.
Cons: Struggle with treatment plans.

Dental Assistant in Houston:
Pros: I love the surgery part. My job is very entertaining and I love the nervous patients that I can help calm down.
Cons: Nothing at all. I love my job!!!

Dental Assistant in Chesterfield:
"Gratifying, rewarding."
Pros: Great boss. Awesome coworkers.
Cons: Stress. The hygienist.

Dental Assistant in Vancouver:
"I love my job."
Pros: My patients.
Cons: Uncaring doctors.

Dental Assistant in Lansing:
Pros: On the job training.
Cons: Over worked.

Dental Assistant in Port Huron:
Pros: The patients and my coworkers. I enjoy learning new things about my dental field.
Cons: My boss.