Dental Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Dental Assistant in Billings:
"Work hard."
Work hard, learn as much as you can, but don't take being treated like you are less than amazing. This job helps the dentist bring in thousands of dollars a day, and helps patients ease their fear of the dentist. Be proud of your job and don't let anyone tell you you settled.

Dental Assistant in San Diego:
"I wish I knew that my employer was overextrict boss,"
If you don't feel confortable with the eay your boss micromanage their employees on the first two days, don't stay, go and find other place to work when you feel confortable with how your boss treats you and others.

Dental Assistant in Glendale:
Be caring attentive to your patients their always first and what is best for them , need to be a team player do your job and more and most importantly keep Dr. Happy.

Dental Assistant in Deer Park:
"Lack of health benefits."
Need to enjoy dealing with the public. Have sympathy & compassion for patients and their anxiety of dental treatment. Must be a team player. Good communication skills. Having the ability to multi-task. Willingness to learn. Work well under pressure. Work long hours in a day.

Dental Assistant in Stockbridge:
"Very Complex."
It will take at least one year to become a good dental assistant.

Dental Assistant in Kansas City:
Work with as many dentist as possible ~learn the different fields.

Dental Assistant in Hollywood:
"That I had to clean the office."
Make sure you get a job description in writing before you start.