Dental Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Dental Assistant in Novi:
"That you didn't really need the licences."
Use it as a stepping stone. Not a career. Stay in school.

Dental Assistant in faifield:
Give it time. You will get it after working in the field for a bit.

Dental Assistant in Portland:
"Awesome Job."
Anticipate the Dentist's needs before he/she has to ask for it.

Dental Assistant in Fillmore:
Be friendly, stay near doctor, do not miss much.

Dental Assistant in Macon:
"Very physical job."
Go to Dental Hygiene school if you plan on staying in the dental scene! You will never make near what you deserve!

Dental Assistant in Richmond:
"What should my salary be."
It's a wonderful, rewarding career.

Dental Assistant in Newport News:
"Don't give up."
In school I did amazing! Top of my class!! Then I started my internship and almost quit! Real world is so different from class, but stick with it! Learning to anticipate the Drs needs is the most important skill you can have!