Dental Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Dental Assistant in Glendale:
"You have different specialties to work in."

Dental Assistant in Watertown:
Do your research before falling into the wrong hands! I was missing dental assisting and found someone looking. I trusted what they told me and am really sorry I took the job! Dental assisting is suppose to be a very rewarding job ~ well at least it use to be! I took a huge cut in pay but was reassured I would be compensated after my trial period. It's now over two years...YES I said two years I have stayed at this place! I'm not a quitter for the most part and quite frankly I am currently interviewing in other offices. I have only been handed more to do, have my hours be in the on call form, constantly disrespected/cut down, nothing is good enough! Red Flag also is telling have allot of write offs in the insurance area = you or anyone else is not getting a raise! Meanwhile office remodels being done, new BMW in parking lot, hundred thousand dollar home remodels being done, trips to Europe, cruises, and so on...Can't pay you what we promised!! I work hard and want to be paid the same!

Dental Assistant in Prescott:
"Hands On Is The Best Way To Learn."
On the job training and hands on experience is the best way to learn dental assisting.

Dental Assistant in Henderson:

Dental Assistant in Whittier:
"They don't pay what you deserve."
Get your skills and move on to a better pay office.

Dental Assistant in Long Beach:
"That they never keep there word."
Always stick to what you believe in don't let anybody try to over work you and you don't get what your deseverd to be paid. Always speak up don't get taken advantage of. Know your rights, and what you are worth.

Dental Assistant in Timonium:
"Work hard."
You have to be a team member.