Design Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Design Engineer?

Design Engineer in Los Angeles:
"Be Nosy."
Learn everything you can about every part of the business and be pushy in getting to learn as mush as possible in each job. You build a skill set, create a bigger network of colleagues, and become a better rounded employee.

Design Engineer in Colorado Springs:
Surround yourself with good engineers. There is a reason experience is a requirement to licensure.

Design Engineer in The Dalles:
"Great autonomy."
Pros: Great autonomy, design experience, hands in all aspects from conception to quality control.
Cons: The pay, the old software, the stubbornness and built in ways of doing things.

Design Engineer in Bowling Green:
"Love it."
Pros: The reaction of customers when they get my parts.
Cons: The abuse, lack of compensation, and disrespect.

Design Engineer in Louisville:
Pros: I like that I am able to work on new Designs.

Design Engineer in De Soto:
"Private Company."
Pros: It is a job where I enjoy working with my co-workers.
Cons: The schedule is completely rigid, no flexibility.

Design Engineer in Fort Wayne:
Pros: Innovative product design freedom.
Cons: Work load and poor monetary compensation for my contribution.