Design Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Design Engineer?

Design Engineer in De Soto:
"Private Company."
Pros: It is a job where I enjoy working with my co-workers.
Cons: The schedule is completely rigid, no flexibility.

Design Engineer in Fort Wayne:
Pros: Innovative product design freedom.
Cons: Work load and poor monetary compensation for my contribution.

Design Engineer in Milwaukee:
Pros: Lots of areas being able to focus in and implement major projects. Being able to work directly with customers and outside resources. Never a boring day on the shop floor.
Cons: Very hard to hard with some older workers partically if in the union.

Design Engineer in Saint Marys:
"The Work Environment Is Dynamic And Satisfying."
Pros: I get to work on interesting projects with state of the art technology. I get to explore the industry for products to help improve the manufacturing process. I get to build and test my own ideas against real conditions.
Cons: Very little mentor-ship/guidance. Not competitive enough.

Design Engineer in Minneapolis:
"Great career with tons of potential."
Pros: Great opportunities. Challenging. Rewarding. Great hours. Future potential. 1st shift hours. Paid vacation and holidays.
Cons: Overtime. Underpaid for what you bring to the company and the work you do for the company.