Diesel Mechanic Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Diesel Mechanic in Corona:
"Work procedure."
Tools make the mechanic.work learner strive for productivity ideas an ones knowekege to exceed is ibn ine desure to better them seleves an itgets ti nove on up when ovstacles xome ur way.

Diesel Mechanic in Savannah:
Get certified asap. They help also get evt.

Diesel Mechanic in Michigan Center:
Keep taking new jobs for pay increase.or you will watch your boss get rich for cutting your pay increase out.

Diesel Mechanic in Albertville:
Be prepared to buy lots of tools.

Diesel Mechanic in Lake Hopatcong:
"Not enough money."
Find a good place or a new career.

Diesel Mechanic in Meridian:
"Pros and cons being a diesel mechanic."
You will always be in demand however you will struggle in early years even with a tech college degree electronics change very quickly now days and every thing is controlled with a computer your tools will be very expensive and as you build more experience you will have to buy more tools basically you will always have a tool bill always buy the best so you will buy one time and as you grow you will mass a fine set of tools and you can fix anything . I am a professional auto/truck mechanic I have worked and certified in all truck and auto engines can and am certified to work on any part of either one and have $135000.00 tied up in tools it has been a long road but it was worth it now I can make what I want to working for myself or the company remember if you are a good mechanic do good work you will always be in demand.