Dietary Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Saginaw?

Dietary Manager in Saginaw:
"City culture, close to everything."
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: The area the hospital is located in.

Dietary Manager in Basile:
"Things I wish I knew."
Treat people with respect. Work right along side with your workers. Always have compassion for your employees but be stern when you need to be.

Dietary Manager in Buckley:
"Take it or leave it."
Pros: Co workers. Residents. Cooking.
Cons: That there is favoritism, unfair pay, lack of communication, some employees get a cost of living increase but not all.

Dietary Manager in Clarksville:
Pros: There is a lot of opportunity for changes.
Cons: The pay is usually terrible and the cost of living is a little high.

Dietary Manager in Santa Rosa:
"Not thrilling."
Pros: Close to home. Does not cost alot in gas.
Cons: Not really where I want to be. Ready for a change.

Dietary Manager in Baytown:
"Young and wanted change."
Work hard and learn everything you can. Keep you ears open to change and embrace all the thinks staff and others have to offer. Keep you mind open to advice and most of all keep god first.

Dietary Manager in Milledgeville:
"It's a pleasure taking care of residents needs."
Pros: Convenient , the community is nice and friendly.
Cons: Nothing.