Direct Care Worker (DCW) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Direct Care Worker (DCW)?

Direct Care Worker (DCW) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
Pros: Cummute
Cons: Too little pay

Direct Care Worker (DCW) in Sterling Heights, Michigan:
"A little uncomfortable at times."
Pros: My residents and co-workers i work with
Cons: The drive and the pay as well as no incentives at the job

Direct Care Worker (DCW) in Riverview:
Pros: Working directly with the youth. I yearn to influence change in them so that they can influence change in others.
Cons: The pay isn't great with all the work that is required.

Direct Care Worker (DCW) in Indianapolis:
"Love my job."
Pros: Seeing the people we service overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
Cons: Working 40 + hours and not seeing family and friends, having to work those hours just to make it to the next month.

Direct Care Worker (DCW) in Taunton:
"I enjoy it."
Pros: Close to home. The travel isn't bad for the winter.
Cons: Winter months are tough to travel.