Director, Nursing Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Director, Nursing?

Director, Nursing in Midland:
"Alls is good."
Pros: My fellow co-workers
Cons: Lack of other departments to hear us

Director, Nursing in Kansas City:
Pros: Culture rich
Cons: Treated as disposable human

Director, Nursing in Beaverton:
"This can be a great job!"
Pros: My boss, environment
Cons: Some of the other employees make it impossible for me to do my job well.

Director, Nursing in Spartanburg:
"Spartanburg is a great place to work."
Pros: Spartanburg is near the mountains and close enough to the beach.
Cons: Pay is not what it should be here

Director, Nursing in Durham:
Pros: Diversity
Cons: Low salary